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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Bruingtons Missionary Report: April 2007

Greetings everyone: our family, our friends, and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

At four in the morning, I get up early, it seems the only quiet time I can find and for me the best time: to pray (Talk to God); to read my bible (Listen to God); and to meditate, (Consider the things God desires of all people, to examine myself in light of these truths.)
Often I find I am in need of restoration (II Corinthians 13:11), Paul reminds us aim for restoration. We all will find, after comparing our life to Jesus, we need restoration!

We came here to teach about this Jesus.

Although, typical human natured as I am, I loose sight of my purpose. Upon our arrival my primary focus has been to set up house, our home. In Zambia this take a whole new meaning, sometimes it means completely building a place to live and all the “things” we think are important like: running water; electricity; and even sewage. In many places these luxuries are not considered as luxuries, yet here we realize they are. Anyway, I have been very busy putting these things in order. You would agree they are important?
After four weeks of serious construction one of the men, of the Zambian construction crew, that is certain Zambians who have come here looking for “piece work”, a chance to make some “Kwacha” (Zambian money), as you work these people, certain skills are realized, some natural, some from previous employment, most from individual training, it was one of these who came and asked, “When are we going to begin our bible study”?
In the beginning I told this assembled crew of twelve men, the reason we came was as instructed by Jesus, in Matthew 28:18-20, to go: make disciples of all nations; baptizing them . . .; and teaching them to obey all that He commanded. I told them we must work hard and fast to complete the house so I could begin these most important bible studies.
So, Jesus sent a messenger by way of Obed Mukwamba, asking to begin the bible study.
What could I say? We began that day and every morning since, for one hour before we begin our work: we pray; we sing; we study; and we pray. And now, four weeks later this little bible study with twelve men has as many as sixteen to twenty in attendance.
And now the fruit of this little bible study: Obed Mukwamba; Nickson Mofya; Cornelous Sunday; Douglas Kahokola; Darlington Kahokola; Matthews Kapuku; Fredrick Mukwamba; Lawrence Zhalale; and Barron Lubabwe have decided to be Disciples of Christ. One by one, as the Spirit of God has been convicting, these men have asked to be baptized into Christ. Praise our glorious, wonderful, living, and very active God.

Eight new brothers in Christ, Wow!

Lord, forgive me for loosing sight of why I came and thank you for the reminder.



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