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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Bruingtons Missionary Report: May and June 2007

Greetings everyone: our family, our friends, and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

“We are home”, as True says. We are finally home, after living in our suit cases since August 5th, 2005, we unpacked for the first time in our Mumena home. Some would think for an entire family of five to live in a suit case for almost two years is strange, yet we have come to vividly realize we are only sojourners , “we are only passing through”, as the song says, but for True we are in a place he calls home. We are most thankful to Hillcrest Church of Christ for providing all the materials needed to prepare our home.

We have been in the house since June and we are wonderfully pleased, we have running water, even not water, we have inside toilets, and we have power . . . solar power.

The solar has been most interesting to work with as I have never done this before, yet we have learned, and I might add, it is working, flip a switch and there is light.

Again, to the entire congregation at Hillcrest . . . “thank you . . . for giving to the Lord”!

As soon as we moved in it was time to prepare for the medical mission. What do you do with forty Americans in the bush of Africa. For one you sit back and let “em” alone, you enjoy the company, the fellowship, the love of fellow Americans, fellow Christians who desire to reach out and share the “Good News” about our Savior. These will be times we will cherish forever in our hearts. There is a kindred bond between us that will never end!

This year the Medical Team went to Maheba, Kambazhi, Mushingashi, and here at Mumena. A day was spent at each location and the team treated over two thousand people. While the people are being treated there was an on going children’s ministry and a full team of “spiritual advisers”. The spiritual advisers introduce these people to the “Great Physician”, Jesus. Many who were introduced to this Jesus became disciples and were baptized into this wonderful family of God. I will be reporting for the next several months about some of these new brothers and sisters. I hope and pray that all mankind will realize, appreciate, and come to know the greatest story of all , the greatest event of life, and the glory of God in His Son . . . “Jesus” . . . the gospel!

The birth, the life, the death, and greater still . . . the resurrection . . . of this Jesus.

Stacey and I (Savannah, Lane, and True) and Rachel (Our fellow sister in Christ), will be working with the two individuals who were baptized at Kambazhi: Dickson and Doreen Kapama. Pray for this family. From the Medical Mission we have followed this couple to their village and with their assistance we have set up a bible study in this village. We have been going and will continue going every Thursday to this village and to the Kambazhi area, house to house (or hut to hut), continuing these bible studies. Pray for these studies. This current effort has twelve men attending, these men are the head of their families, I will be teaching these men about Jesus, as Stacey teaches their wives, and Savannah and Rachel teach their children. All combined we expect to be teaching fifty to sixty people with certain hope that God will open their hearts and minds to receive his spirit through baptism, to become children of God, and be added to the Kingdom . . . the church . . . His family, through His Son . . . Jesus . . . Again, please pray for these people.

We will continue teaching Dickson, Doreen, and all others who choose to accept Christ,

“ . . . and teach them to obey all that I have commanded” (Matthew 28: 18-20).

Every Wednesday we will be going to Mushingashi. The Medical Team baptized five individuals: Maliyote Kaso; Jkshinda Jacob; Moddy Kyembe; Charles Lumano; and Edward Kyasauka . . . praise God . . . and pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ.

As above these were followed by Kasongo Kakoma (a fellow brother in Christ, who has moved to Mumena to assist with spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ) to their villages.

Last week in the first study with these people six more were baptized . . . the gospel, still powerful, still active, and still through the spirit . . . convicting people . . . praise God.

Did you see it? Read again above what has happened . . . did you see it?

May I, with all honor and glory to God, introduce to you the church (Matthew 16:18), let us all praise our God for adding to His Kingdom (Acts 2:47) . . . “Mushingashi” . . . the newest body of believers (Ephesians 2:11-22) . . . the church that belongs to Christ, purchased by his blood (Acts 20:28b) . . . Mushingashi church of Christ!

Stacey and I, along with: Kasongo; Douglas; Freemont; and Obed, will continue bible studies in this area. This week there were eleven men and one lady attending, while Stacey and Rachel were teaching the children (there were twenty plus). All combined this study has over forty in attendance and is growing in number . . . wow!

Please pray for these people and for us to speak with boldness, the truth of God.

On Tuesdays we have been going to Mutanda and working with the church, the leaders, and the children. There have been others attending from area villages. Four people have asked to join the assembly. We are now teaching them more accurately the way of God (Acts 18:26) we expect to baptize these “into Christ” (Galatians 3:27) next week.

Pray for these, this church, and this place.

On Mondays we will be teaching bible at one of the area schools: “Mbulungu”.

We have meet with the leaders of this school and they will allow us to begin teaching bible, at the school every Monday, to the four hundred students attending . . . wow!

What a huge door that has opened at this place, imagine, from these students, how many homes we will enter . . . house to house . . . teaching . . . preaching . . . Jesus Christ!

The harvest is plentiful . . . pray for the Lord . . . to send more laborers.

This is our beginning, our service to the Lord in this place. I thank God everyday for allowing me to be here in this place, I thank God for allowing me through His grace, through His mercy, through His Love, and through His Son to be a part of this Kingdom. I thank God for His gift . . . His Son . . . Our Savior . . . “Jesus” . . . The Christ!

Thank you Lord for loving me, thank you Lord for blessing me.

Thank you Lord for making me whole and saving my soul

Let us all with one accord sing praises to Christ the Lord.

Let us all unite in song to praise Him all day long.

I want to thank you . . . Lord, for loving us.


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