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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Bruingtons Missionary Report: July 2007

We greet you in the name of the Lord.

Monday: At Mbulungu we are still preparing to begin teaching bible to the four hundred and fifty student’s grade one through grade eight. We will have the whole student body and teachers for one hour beginning September 5th. We are confident to find opportunity to begin bible studies with the parents and individuals living in this area. Last week I went and visited some of the people, one of the men and his family is willing to begin a bible study. Just like that the seed is planted. Pray for this place and the people.

Tuesday: At Mutanda a few weeks back we baptized one into Christ. Pray for this man.
Last week we stood on the road side and invited twenty “passer-byers”.
For those formally educated, you may not find this word in the dictionary, but it is a common event in our life . . . each day we are passed by many people who are lost . . . we have the truth in us, and Jesus asked us to share this truth.

Stacey continues to teach the ladies and Savannah teaches the children. You should see Savannah as see teaches, not to boast, just a simple answer to our prayer, in coming to this place, Zambia, we asked God, if possible, let us begin a legacy with our children may they come to know you and to serve you. God is answering our prayer. Thank you Lord.

Wednesday: At Mushingashi we continue teaching these twelve newly baptized believers about their own Christian development, growth, and all that Jesus commanded, we are also teaching this new body of Christ, the church at Mushingashi, about the church. We will have an all day seminar next Saturday to train the men to take individual responsibility for the care and development of Christ’s church.

Last Sunday at the worship service, when the church came together to break bread: we praised God in song making melody in our hearts; we had a lesson about the church; we prayed to God; we preached the Gospel, at the invitation one came forward asking to be baptized; we had a lesson about the Lord’s Supper and we then had the Lord’s Supper.

There were 42 people who had gathered . . . what a wonderful beginning.
We went to the creek to baptize the one . . . and the Lord was continually adding to their number those who were being saved (Acts 2:47) . . . . He still does . . . thank you, Lord!

Thursday: At Kambazhi four weeks ago we had twenty-nine for our second bible study. Three weeks ago there were sixteen, ten asked to be baptized . . . praise God.

God’s Kingdom is increasing, the church of Christ at Kambazhi, pray for this church.

Friday: Is our family day we go off with the kids a do the fun things they enjoy: riding bikes; swimming; building things; playing games; playing with orphans.

Stacey home school’s the kids each morning. My mornings are busy with construction: finishing cabinets and closets in our house and preparing the Love’s side of the duplex


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