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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Bruingtons Missionary Report: October 2007

Paul Harvey would always end with “Good Day” . . . .

The best day of my life was when Stacey said she would marry me.
This, the beginning of many “good days” I have spent with this woman, my wife.
The birth of my children has made for “good days”.
I have been blessed with many “good days”.

Today will be one of those days I will cherish . . . for a lifetime . . .

Today I escorted a blind woman, holding on to my arm, trusting a man she has not known for long to lead her down a rocky path, through some brush, to the river, where again, with trembling hands she took my hand and stepped into the water and as I proclaimed with my hand over her pounding heart . . . I baptize you Esther, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit . . . this very good day . . . she saw the light!

The rest of the story . . . “This Gospel of Jesus Christ” . . . still active and still powerful!

Today we baptized Dickson Sawanda, Janie Nyanzewu, Ian Nyamasambu, Mary Canada, John Nyamasambu, Josephina Myanzewu, and from above Esther Myanzewu.
Obby and Claudis Swanda had been previously baptized. Three other ladies were out, but left word they want to be baptized Tuesday when they return. These nine and the three to be added on Tuesday, when they come together again next Sunday . . . to Break Bread . . . the Kingdom of God at Sawanda, the church! Oh Lord, my God, how great thou art!

We will continue teaching the New Testament Church to these new citizens of the Family of God, their individual servanthood within this Household of God, and to observe all that Jesus commanded. We will meet every Tuesday until they have matured in Christ.

Sundays I will be alternating between: Sawanda Church of Christ; Mushingashi Church of Christ, and Kambazhi Church of Christ . . . three new church plants . . .

My words are lost in my awe of our God!

“Good Day”, yes, a very good day.


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