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Thursday, October 25, 2007

FAQ: General Questions about Zambia Part 1

What kind of government does Zambia have?

Zambia has a democratic government similar to the US government. It has three "arms": the Presidential Office, the Legislative body, and the Judiciary. The president is limited to 2 five year terms.

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Who is the president of Zambia?

Levy Patrick Mwanawasa

Mwanawasa is a good president. Zambia has thrived under his leadership and the country continues to grow.

Is there much curroption in Zambia?

No... Recently Mwanawasa has passed an anti-curroption act which has helped elimate curroption in Zambia. Unlike some African countries, visiters can expect to be treated fairly with no worry of bribery.

What is the population of Zambia?

The population of Zambia is around 11 million people.

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What is the average life expectancy in Zambia?

The life expectancy is around 40 years. This is mainly due to AIDS. In rural areas, the life expectancy is higher because families are more intact.

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