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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Bruingtons Missionary Report: November 2007

When God's word was breathed out and inspired writers wrote, it is most amazing the certain specific details of events and the fact not all the events and details would be what many would have mentioned . . . at all. What am I saying, God gives us honest and genuine truths of our humanity in such a way that if we would look at our selves with the same genuine honesty, putting aside all facades, myths, misconceptions of reality, and laying down our "rose colored glasses', we would be so amazed as to how God's word speaks to encourage our best efforts, how God perfectly critiques our lives and then demonstrates thru His son the model of which He desires of His creation to aspire to this place . . . ". . . be ye perfect" . . . possible? . . . impossible? . . . God says . . . it is!

With God all things are possible . . .

Each month I tell, what in my mind is, the most inspirational: "Story of the Month."

These are people, lives, actual events in time of individual struggles to survive in this fallen world, wondering why Lord? These people's desire as is all people's desire to find that place of peace, comfort, hope, and love. Yet, not always what one would record.

I have not told you how six of the original twelve men who were baptized five months ago returned to their old life of drunkenness, how I was told of this and when I went to see for my self, when I drove up to the village they all ran into the bush . . .

It took several days for them all to return to our morning bible study. And when they returned, I told them you are not the first to run and unfortunately you will not be the last. They all repented wanting to be right with God, painfully aware of our weakness in our humanity. Yet, finding peace, comfort, hope, and love . . . again . . . in Christ!

Where they had gathered was a common place of gathering for those who are the drinkers of beer, I guess you might call it a bush bar . . . twenty to thirty men gathered . . . around a fire drinking homemade beer. The next day, after the beer had worn off, I asked the man in charge of the village, he is the one selling and profiting from these gatherings, if he would consider a bible study in his village, inviting these friends to hear about Jesus.

He agreed, we started what many would call bad humor . . . the drunk bible study!
We have been meeting every Wednesday evening for six weeks . . . no one has been baptized . . . yet . . . the drunkenness has stopped . . . they are hearing God's Word.

The hopeful news is the fact that, "implanted", this Word has power to save their souls!
Let us never forget why Jesus came . . . to save sinners . . . of which . . . I am.

On the night when Jesus was taken by force, beaten, and then hung on the cross to die . . .
Every one of His friends . . . His followers . . . The Apostles . . . ran . . .
And we also are running: many from God and many to God.

Let us all run . . . to God . . . with endurance . . . the race set before us!

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