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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Davis Missionary Journey: Accident

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and this time, it happened to Don Boyd… Sondra's father. While helping a family plow their field, the plow hit a deep rock or root and flipped the tractor on top of Don pinning him beneath. As we (the Davises) were in Cape Town, Rita rushed Don to the Mukenge Mission Hospital some 2 hours away where he was temporarily stitched up. As a medical evacuation was imminent, our Zambian colleague (Douglas Siampongo) and intern (Rachel Melton) worked tirelessly to equip Don and Rita for leaving the country. After a short bush flight to the nearest town of Solwezi, Don and Rita's medical evacuation service arrived 3 minutes after their arrival, and they were flown to Johannesburg with a refueling stop in Lusaka. Don was admitted to the Milpark Hospital, an excellent facility, where he had immediate surgery to set his broken ulna and radius of his left arm. Fortunately, we were able to get a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg on short notice and arrived 24 hours after Don and Rita. After a cat scan, the doctors decided that Don must have surgery for multiple skull fractures as well. After lengthy discussions, it was decided that air evacuation to the States for further surgery was inadvisable due to the condition of Don's sinuses. Thus, a series of 4 surgeries were scheduled prior to Don being evacuated for further care in the U.S. During this time, the good folks at Southern Africa Bible College opened their arms to us and have helped us in every way.

Christmas in a hospital has brought new insights to the season for our boys, but as Dr. David Broom would say… "and that's a good thing." Noah and Bryson bought a couple of elf hats and sang Christmas carols for Don and the other men in his ward while handing out Christmas cookies. Then while shopping at a local mall for some warm travel clothes for Don and Rita, Noah and Bryson got to meet the "real" Santa Clause… even pulled the beard for verification! So we can count our blessings along the way. We are now all home at Mumena and glad to be back. Don and Rita are starting their furlough early and are in the States for the next few months while Don heals.


Of course one of our greatest blessings has been your notes of encouragement and your prayers for which we are very thankful,
Brian, Sondra, Noah, & Bryson

Pictured: Don out helping people to better feed themselves and their families.

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