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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Bruingtons Missionary Report: February 2008

Each week I go out to area villages "the new church plants" for bible studies. Tuesday at Sawanda, Wednesday at Mushingashi, and Thursday at Kambazhi. When I leave from Mumena "our house" driving to these bible studies . . . many young men have been riding along . . . for me these have been a blessing from God. You see . . . I do not speak the language, but God has always provided the interpreter. One day the interpreter says, "I need to be baptized. One day one of the riders says, "I want to be baptized", one day a few more, and another day two or three . . . and today . . . as we all were returning to the village of these people . . . Shimabila . . . one of the men asked . . . how many of us does it take to make a church. I asked him, "what is the church "? He said, "me".

And this is true . . . I Corinthians 12:12-14 . . . Colossians 1:18 . . . read it . . . it is true!

This day we counted all who had been riding and were baptized over the last month and to our surprise they are sixteen . . . we had not been counting.

Praise our great Savior . . . Jesus.

So these have decided they want to begin coming together in their village, Shimabila.

So with this . . . I introduce to you . . . the church of Christ at Shimabila.

Thy kingdom has come, Lord . . . and increasing . . . we thank You for the increase.

We will begin this Monday with Acts 2:38 thru 47 . . . the beginning of the church.

Pray for these and the future growth of the church.

Last Sunday, I sat in the back of the church and watched the powerful preaching of one of the new . . . "Zambian Evangelist . . . In Training" . . . from one of last year's new church plants. I am not sure what was most exciting: his zeal; knowing the change Jesus has made in his life; thinking he will continue teaching about this Jesus . . . in this place, long after I have gone; or was it the five who came forward to be baptized.

The answer is . . . all of the above . . . and again we thank God, Amen!

On our way to the water . . . a Zambian Evangelist from another preaching point, a new church plant as of last December . . . flagged us down, asking for a ride to the river. At this place three came asking to be baptized . . . eight new brothers and sisters in Christ!

I can not express the joy of seeing the power of the Gospel at work. I can not thank God enough for allowing even me to be a part of this work . . .

Thank you , Lord!

Bart Bruington
"In Awe . . . Servant"

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