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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Davis Zambia News - February, 2008

Greetings to All,

            It doesn’t seem I have much to tell you this month.  We are still involved in teaching classes and language learning, when both we and our language helper have a free day.  Brian has also kept busy around the house doing repairs.  When you live in the bush it’s literally a daily task to keep everything running.  There are days when I think we should just live as our neighbors do.  When you don’t own anything mechanical nothing breaks!

            Noah is down to the last three weeks of school and he’s looking forward to the break.  I’m considering using the extra time to do some visiting with some of the ladies around here in order to improve my KiKaonde.  It’s been a very slow learning process.  Bryson just enjoys his freedom and tries not to kill himself while playing.  He is the one who is always falling, getting hit by flying objects, etc.  I suppose our big family news is we had 5 kittens born on Valentine’s Day.  We plan to keep one of them so of course we’ll name it Valentine….or, perhaps Valentino, if it’s a boy.  Right now they are still learning to walk and stay in the box but we look forward to the next month when they start coming out to play.  That’s the fun stage.  The other big news is that our dog no longer has any drive to get off the front porch.  As a male dog in the prime of life he was starting to be a menace to the neighborhood village.  He chased kids, snapped and barked at people, and tried to catch goats and chickens.  We decided he needed to see a vet to have him fixed and it worked.  Now he hardly gets off the porch, except at night.  I told you there wasn’t much news this month.

            The preschool program has had its ups and downs this past month.  I won’t go into all the details because it’s too long and complicated but last Monday two meetings were held in two villages in order to iron out the problems.  I was gone from 9 am until 5:45 p.m. It was a long day but I believe a profitable one.  We are still waiting to see the final results but I came home encouraged that the program would progress in a positive direction.  Thankfully Rachel, our intern, taught school for Noah that day and Brian cooked dinner.

            This month begins the church leadership seminars again.  They had been postponed during the rainy season.  While the rains aren’t finished yet it does seem to have slowed down.  We head to Lusaka at the end of the month.  Rachel flies back to the U.S. on the 24th.  We will spend the early part of the week shopping and doing a few family activities then we will attend a missionary retreat the last part of the week.  Thank you for the prayers and messages.  They sustain us on down days and lift us higher on good days.


Brian, Sondra, Noah, & Bryson

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