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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Davis Missionary Journey: A Time to Dance

The first time I visited the rain forest to hold a bush Gospel meeting, I remember being greeted by smiling brethren who, as I stepped out of my vehicle, promptly picked me up bodily while running to the forest and stripping off my pants.  Though I had resigned myself to becoming missionary stew, I soon realized that I had stepped out into a column of mpazhi, red fire ants.  While a bit hard on the dignity, the brethren’s method was most effective in removing these little beasts before they reached more painful heights.  I can only hope that our neighbors might connect this challenge with my behavior the other evening as I was walking about our garden.  Having stepped squarely into another column of mpazhi while looking at some flowers, I began to dance and strip before the Lord.  


“And David danced before the Lord with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod."
2 Samuel 6:14 KJV


Though short on linen ephods, I did have on Wal-Mart under linens… for which I was very thankful.


Preemptively communicating this to our elders before they hear of it from our neighbors,

Brian, Sondra, Noah, and Bryson



Pictured:  Noah & Bryson in front of one of our smaller ant hills in our back garden.

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