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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Don & Rita Boyd Newsletter

It has been a long time since our last newsletter and much has happened so we will try to bring you up to date.  On December 6, 2007 I had a tractor accident. My injuries, a broken arm and orbital fracture of the left eye, required me to be air evacuated to South Africa for surgery.  We thank God that this was not as bad as it could have been.  After a two week stay and a couple of surgeries Rita and I went to the U.S. for recuperation.  There are many people we are indebted to for the good care I received.  I first went to Mukinge Mission Hospital at Kasempa, Zambia which is about one and a half hours from our home.  There I was treated by doctors from the U.S., New Zealand and Zambia.  The Staff of this small hospital are top notch and did a great job caring for me.  After an overnight stay I was air evacuated first to Solwezi, Zambia and then to Johannesburg, South Africa.  Rita and I appreciate the excellent care given by the medical personnel In Zambia and South Africa. 

We arrived back in Zambia on April 3rd and are happy to be back to our work here in Northwest Zambia.  I will let Rita describe the reception given by the people here on our arrival.


Rita here!  We spent most of our time in Missouri either at our sisters, or sister-in-laws, most of it being at Barbara's, our sister-in-law, because she lives alone and I think she was happy to have us for awhile.  Hopefully we didn't wear out our welcome.  We must not forget to also mention Jim & Tula Taylor, they were a real blessing to us while in Mo.  They were the ones who came to St. Louis and picked us up on New Years day and housed us for two weeks or more before we moved to Barbara's place.  Jim was even good enough to let us use his truck while we were there and that was truly a blessing.  We spent a good bit of time waiting between different doctors' appointments for Don, so we really couldn't travel too far from home.  The last week before we came back to Zambia we spent with the Cedar Hill Church in Texas, this is the Church that supports us in the work here.  We were blessed again by Sandra Mitchell who gave us a very nice guest house to stay in and one of our Elders and Missions committee members, Fred Yarbrough, loaned us his car while we were there.  We have a great supporting Church that we love very much, and we know they love us also.  The week there went by very fast and many expressed their love in many ways.

The Davis family was in Lusaka to greet us when we arrived back home.  Boy! was it good to see them, especially those sweet little boys.  We spent one night in Lusaka because Don had to pick up his work visa, and then we traveled back to Mumena.  From the minute we turned off the main road onto the road leading to our house we were greeted by many along the way.  The closer we got to home the greetings were much more lively and personal.  Some of the ladies on the road could not contain their joy and really gave him a true African greeting with clapping and shouts of joy.  Everyone was so happy to see Don back again and looking so well. Today some of the folks from the  Mumena Church even came to sing to us and welcome us back.   I think a lot of people were not really sure he would even come back.  Anyway, we are back home and very happy to be here among our brothers and sisters and friends.   We had a great day this past Sunday with the two Church plants that we have had a part in starting, both meeting together for a total of 130 in attendance and two were baptized.  We started our weekly Bible studies last Saturday with the Konkwa Church and today (Wed) we meet for study with the Lunsala Church.  It is good to be back in study with all of them again.  We give thanks to God for all of you and all the prayers that have gone up to the Father on our behalf.  We know that because of them we are back doing what we love doing and what we feel God has planned for us.  Some have told Don that God still has work for him to do, that is why he was spared.  We pray for all of you who are also busy doing his will.  Please let us hear from you in the near future and may God continue to bless you with his care and keeping. 

Love to all, 
Don & Rita 

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