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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Don & Rita Boyd Newsletter: June 2008

Greetings to all,

Just a short note to say how much we miss everyone and to say thanks to all those who have written to us since we came back to Zambia.  We are happy to be back with our family and our family in Christ.  The Churches here really seem to be growing Spiritually.  We have seen the Konkwa Church especially growing. Spiritually they are reaching out to other areas with the Gospel, trying to start new congregations and now that they have their own building, they have began to make benches for it.  We like the way they work together when there is something that needs to be done.  This past Thursday there were 17 in attendance at the Konkwa ladies Bible study.  Some of that number was our 4 Interns from Harding and ACU.  I am hoping they will want to teach the class some while they are here.  They are very glad to help where they are needed.


Don and Rick Love are planning another trip to the Capitol to try and get the Love's new truck and their work visas.  Their first trip a little over a week ago did not accomplish much, just got Rick's visitors visa.  Hopefully this trip will be more productive, because it is not cheap traveling in Zambia.  We know you are paying more for fuel in the States these days, but you are still behind what we have to pay at $8 a gallon.  Zambia is having a shortage of electricity country wide and that is causing shortages in many other things that have to be processed by electricity, so you can imagine the difficulty we have in getting things like fuel, sugar, bottle gas and cornmeal (which is the staple food for the Zambians).  We try to adjust to each situation, but sometimes it can be difficult.  We do realize how blessed we are to be able to help carry the Gospel to others and have our good health to continue in that.  We know that many of you are always in prayer for us and the work here and we thank you one and all.  We also pray for you and your part in this work, knowing it would not be possible without you.  May God richly bless you all.


Love, Don & Rita

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