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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don & Rita Boyd Newsletter: July 29, 2008

Greetings to All,

We want to keep you abreast of what is happening in our lives and our ministry.  We finished the campaign, which was a success in all the fields of agriculture, education, well drilling, medical and evangelism.  The last of the Americans returned home the middle of July.  There were 13 new souls added to the Kingdom and one new preaching point started as a result of the campaign, so we all feel that it was worthwhile.  It was good to have some familiar faces return from earlier campaigns and to make some new friends with first timers. 

We have enjoyed some new members of our team who have arrived this year.  The Love family, Rick, Karen, Matthew (who turned 3 today) and Lydia, who is about 18 mo. all arrived in May and Phil Sullivan who arrived in June.  Phil's wife Paula was not able to come with him at this time due to the illness of her mother.  Phil & Paula have plans to spend six months here and six months in the States.  We are not sure at this time how long they plan to do this.  Our team members, the Bruingtons, are in the States at present, but plan to return the end of August.  It will be good to have the whole team together for the first time when they return. 

Our ministry is going well, everyone is involved in studies one place or another and Sondra is busy teaching Noah and Bryson.  Noah is third grade and Bryson is kindergarten.  They both seem to be doing well and enjoying their studies thus far.  I, Rita have resumed the ladies Bible study at Konkwa, which seems to be going well and I plan to start another study here at home with the two ladies that work in our home and the ladies here in our immediate neighborhood.  This study will start the first Tuesday in August, Lord willing.  At present Don has 3 weekly Bible studies besides the Sunday worship time.  He has been ask to start a new study in a new area and Lord willing that will begin soon.  As you can see the Lord is truly blessing this ministry and partly due to all of your prayers and words of encouragement, please keep them coming.

We had one sad event during our campaign, at least it was to some of us.  We had just gotten a new puppy the 5th of May(our dog Patches had to be put down while we were in the States because he started biting people) and on the 4th of July the puppy was ran over by one of our trucks and her back was broken, so she had to be put down also.  I guess it is not meant for us to have a dog.  We still have our 2 cats and a baby goat (kid) was born the 13th of July.  It is all black except a bit of white on the ears and nose.  The boys have named him OREO.  He is cute and the boys really like him.  It is great to see the boys growing up here and having such good experiences, times that will last them a lifetime.  We thank God that our family is together and that He is blessing us in so many ways.  We also thank God for all of you and what you mean to our lives.  Please continue your prayers and letters of encouragement and you are in our prayers also.

Love in Christ,

Don & Rita

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