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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don & Rita Boyd Newsletter: July 31, 2008

Just a note to let you know how things are going over here. Last week Aaron Chilembe and I traveled to Muyashi. This is a large village located at the border of Chief Mumena and Chief Mutabo's area. We had requested a meeting with the village headman and was told to return on Wednesday. When we arrived he asked us to accompany him to Chief Mutabo's palace. The chief said he was wondering when we would come to his area and said he would be happy to give us permission to come to establish a preaching point there. We were accompanied by men from both Konkwa and Lunsala. Please keep this in your prayers as we seek to extend the borders of The Kingdom.


The Konkwa brethren continue to amaze me with their zeal to teach God's word to their neighbors. Last weekend six men from Konkwa spent the entire weekend teaching and encouraging the people at Lunsala. They brought their blankets and slept there. On Sunday, most of the Konkwa church Leaders were at Lunsala so Rita and I went to Konkwa to worship. It had been sometime since we had been there so it was uplifting to be with the Konkwa Congregation. There were 72 in attendance at Konkwa and 57 at Lunsala. We pray that both churches will continue to grow both physically and spiritually.


There has been a rumor spread that a lion has escaped from a game park near to Solwezi and has made it to Mumena. The trouble is when someone talks about it they have not seen it but have been told by someone else about it. It would be near to impossible to find anyone who has actually seen the lion. This is one of the biggest difficulties among the Kaonde and in fact all over the African continent. This is how rumors and falsehoods are easily spread. Superstition and ignorance are powerful tools Satan uses.


On Monday night our guard woke me at 11:30 PM and said, "the lion has come." He said he saw large eyes which turned from red to green. I went with him to the area and found the two donkeys that stay in the area where we live. There were no tracks and the donkey's were not alarmed so I was sure there was no lion. However, I helped him and another man make a through search before going back to bed. I did not want to make him feel foolish so I told him to keep a sharp eye and listen for animal noises. I went back to bed at about 1:00 AM. So ends the episode of the "Great White Hunter."


May God continue to bless all of you as you serve,

Don & Rita

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