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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Love Letters (Missions): Appropriate Attitudes

As representatives of God among the Kaonde, we missionaries must be careful to have appropriate attitudes concerning our work.


Attitudes to avoid:

  • Egocentric: Thinking that only I am right
  • Ethnocentric: Thinking that only my culture and way of thinking is right
  • Methnocentric: Thinking that only my methods are right

The main problem is that once we make a decision, we feel a sense of loyalty to that decision. This is apparent in any argument. Once, a person chooses sides, he refuses to change. In the same way, once we find something that seemingly works, we have a tendency to reject and even criticize all other options. This even applies to our understanding of the bible. Often, once we have "figured out" what a biblical passage means, then we no longer see the actual passage but see only our own interpretation.


This attitude can destroy us. It is arrogance. We impress ourselves with how right we are. However, we are actually just blinding ourselves to our own foolishness. The fact is, we don't know much, but we follow the One who does.


Jesus is our Lord/King/Master/Teacher. He lived the greatest example for us to follow. So we try our best to follow Him.


In this light, we have the following tasks:

  • Constantly learn from Jesus by reading and studying God's word
  • Evaluate our own attitudes, actions, and teachings against Jesus
  • Admit the mistakes in what we think, what we do, and what we teach
  • Adjust our methods and teachings to avoid the mistakes
  • Trust God to work through us despite our imperfections

We must constantly consider what God teaches us about our situation. We must also teach the Kaonde as effectively as possible, so that they too will follow God in every way. We must do what is right and what works well.


Jesus brings us back to the simple commandments: Love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Also, love your neighbor as yourself.


If we as Christians, will focus on these commands, we will be much more successful at following the rest of God's word.


If we as missionaries, will live these commands, God will partner with us and make the work successful.

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