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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Love Letters (News): Getting Settled

Last week we went to Lusaka (the capitol city) to get our truck and work permit. We got out truck on Wednesday and my work permit on Thursday. We spent the rest of the time shopping for groceries and other items which we cannot purchase in Solwezi.


The trip was enjoyable and relaxing. The Baptist Guest House where we stayed in Lusaka had babysitting available. So, Karen and I went on a date with each other. We went to see a movie, "Hancock," in a theatre that is nicer than many in the States. Also, during the week, we took the children to see "Kung Fu Panda" and ate some American style fast food like Subway and hamburgers at Steers.


We traveled back to Mumena on Friday and have been trying to organize since. During the summer, there have been about 30 Americans visit doing various campaigns. They left while we were gone and when we came home, we found that our table was pilled with left over food and supplies. Those in combination with the items that we purchased have filled our cabinets and all our storage room. This is a blessing to have so much that we won't have to worry about rationing anything for a few months. However, we are considering options on where to add more storage.


Everything is getting settled are we are enjoying are home at Mumena. Before Bart Bruington left for the States, he began constructing a jungle gym for the children in the back yard. It is finished now with two swings, a baby swing, monkey bars, a tower and a slide. The ground under the slide and the tower is covered in 8 inches of white sand to make a soft landing in case any of the children fall. Also, this week we have been building a thatch roof over the whole area to provide shade. With this, a trampoline, and many toys, the children have a great back yard where they can play safely.


The children are both continuing to learn much. Lydia is beginning to say more words than "ball," so we are teaching her how to say more words. Matthew has shown interest in words, so he is learning the sounds of English letters and beginning to learn how to read a few simple words. We try not to push him, but if he enjoys learning, there is no reason to hold back.


Continue to pray for our family as we serve the Kaonde people.


In Him,

Rick, Karen, Matthew, & Lydia

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