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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love Letters (News): We Have Internet Again

In case you were wondering what happened to us and why we haven't posted any news in a few months, our Internet provider has had a hardware failure for the past 2 months. We use a radio phone and the radio tower had a problem. Since we live in the middle of the bush, we don't really have any options for alternatives. Thankfully, the Davises and Boyds have a satellite Internet connection, but it just doesn't work as well so we could only keep up with high priority emails.

Family News

The biggest news for our family is that Karen is about 5 months pregnant. We are planning on staying here for the delivery and going to a medical mission hospital (Mukinge). We have visited an American doctor who works there. His wife had a baby there two months ago. The hospital has everything we need and they have an experienced surgeon who has done thousands of C-sections if that were needed.


(Spoiler alert: If you don't want to know the sex of the baby, don't read the next paragraph.)

Last month we went there for a check up and did an ultrasound. The baby is growing well and it appears to be a girl. The main problem is that we don't have any baby clothes anymore. The smallest clothes we have are Lydia's when she was about a year old. So, Cedar Hill is putting together some things that will be sent over to us on the next container. (There is usually a container shipped to Zambia about once a year which contains various supplies.)

(End of Spoiler)


Matthew and Lydia love being here in Mumena. We are especially blessed because the Bruingtons are here again. (They were in the states this summer.) True and Matthew are best friends, Savanna loves to play with Lydia, and Lane is often playing with them also. This has also helped Karen. Having Stacey next door is a constant encouragement for her. We usually eat a few meals together each week.


Mission News

A few months ago, it was recommended by the team that I try to work with the church at Campande. They are one of the oldest churches around here. So for the past many weeks I have been going there every Sunday. On Sunday morning, I teach from the book of Matthew for the Bible class. Then, on Thursday we have been going through the book of James. The people there have been focused on a few basic doctrines for the past few years (which misses the point). So, my goal has been to teach them to focus on Jesus our King, not just a few of his rules. 

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