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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Love Letters (News): November 2008

Everything is going well here in Mumena. The rainy season is here and strong. In fact, every day or night it rains for many hours.


Family News

We are all healthy and enjoying life here. Matthew and Lydia continue to play every day with the other children. Karen and the baby are doing well. She is glad to be finished with morning sickness. I continue to study the Kaonde language in the mornings and practice as I am out in the community.

Mission News

This is the heart of planting season among the Kaonde. Everybody goes to their fields nearly every day. On average, each person has a field about the size of a football field. First, they plow the entire field with a hoe. As they plow, they heap the dirt into mounds. Then, they will plant the maize a single grain at a time with proper spacing. After planting, they will spread fertilizer (if they can afford it). This process takes about a month to complete. Then for the rest of the rainy season, they will continue to weed the field until the maize is ready for harvest. It takes about 3-4 months from planting to harvest. In addition to maize, many will plant ground nuts (peanuts) and have small gardens for vegetables.


Because this is the busiest time of the year, each person shows his or her loyalty. For those who continue to attend church meetings, attend Bible studies, and interact as a Christian family, they show that God is most important. For the others, it becomes obvious that their loyalty to God is lacking.


Although this sounds like a disappointment, it is actually a good situation. I believe in quality over quantity. When those who truly love God come together, it is a great joy. We are developing deep friendships with others who also want to serve God in everything.


I teach at a Bible study each afternoon from Monday to Thursday and Sunday morning. I always focus on teaching about Jesus Christ. He is the king and only by becoming loyal and faithful to Him, can Christians understand and do what He wants.

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