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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love Letters (News): Christmas Time at Mumena

Our first Mumena Christmas was a beautiful hot and sunny one with rolling hills of green grass and trees. If you just close your eyes you can imagine they are all covered with snow and you can hear the far off distance sound of slay bells ringing.


The kids woke up excited knowing Christmas morning was the big day to open all the colorful presents under the tree. Matthew woke up to a train set already set up and ready to go. First we all set down and opened our stockings or "socks or Ocks" as Lydia would call them and try to put them on her feet. After that we had some fresh out of the oven blueberry muffins and hot chocolate. Then, with our bellies full, we tore into the Christmas presents patiently waiting under the tree. The kids had a ball. Every time Lydia was done opening a present she would look at us and say, "More, more, more." She sure picked that word up quick. Matthew was a great big brother and helped pass presents out to little sister as well as help mommy and daddy open theirs. Matthew and Lydia got a new marker board (with washable markers) that they absolutely love as well as a "car mat" to drive cars on through a little town. Even though Lydia is our sweet little girl, she has a fascination with cars and trains.


After our exciting morning of presents, muffins, and hot chocolate, we all (the team and some other missionaries who drove down for the occasion) met together at the Bruington's home for a delicious feast of turkey, ham, pork, and all the traditional Christmas trimmings. We even had our favorites pumpkin and pecan pie. We then spent the rest of the day playing games and enjoying one another's company. The whole day was a fun and relaxing day. We thank God that as much as we missed our families back home we were able to enjoy our "African" family and grow closer together praying for each other and for our families far away.

God bless all of you far away and know that we are well and love all of you so much.




Matthew and Lydia in their new chairs


Karen and baby showing a baby outfit


Rick, Matthew, and Lydia playing with a toy

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