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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love Letters (News): August 2009

View Love Newsletter 2009-08

Above is the link to the newsletter in PDF format for printing and easy reading. You can also download it and print it out from there.


Below is a copy of the text from the newsletter:

Many exciting things happened in August. We were able to participate in a marriage seminar, the churches had many great meetings, and two of our friends had babies.

African Marriage Seminar

Fieldon and Janet Allison have been missionaries in Africa for over 20 years. They are traveling through Zambia and teaching marriage seminars as they go.

We invited 10 married couples to come and attend the three day seminar. The seminar’s purpose was to train the couples so they could teach others. We also attended the lessons. They were very helpful and were well suited for the village context. The Allisons understand this culture well and taught what was most helpful for them. We hope that the couples will improve their marriages and teach others as well.

Youth Seminar at Campande

Seeing the need to reach to the youth in Mumena, Campande church held a youth seminar and invited all the young people in the local area. The meeting was from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. Two local leaders taught as well as Brian Davis and myself. We taught how each person must choose which path they will go.

One young man was baptized into Christ and many others have started to attend on Sunday morning. The leaders at Campande church have decided to have meetings for the youth at least twice a year. Pray that the other churches will also begin holding youth seminars and that the young people will dedicate their lives to Jesus.

Lucia’s Baby

Karen’s good friend Lucia had a baby at the end of the month. She wanted Karen to be there, so we took her to the hospital and Karen helped her throughout the night. The baby was born at 2AM. Karen and Emily stayed with Lucia and helped her care for the baby the rest of the night. Lucia asked Karen to choose his name, so she chose Daniel after Karen’s brother.

May God bless you and your family,

Rick and Karen Love

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