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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Congregation Report - Kayonge Church of Christ

The Kayonge church suffered a terrible split a year ago. Two of their church leaders gave themselves over to sin and left and took others with them.
Now, there are three men leading a small group of women and children. The church has been working really hard to finish their building. For the past eight months they had been meeting in the local school, but now they meet in the church building with an almost finished roof.
The church of Kayonge is committed and willing to suffer persecution for Christ. The five faithful women that attend are learning to teach their children in Sunday Bible class. The men are learning how to be more involved leaders and are gifted in teaching. They are self-supporting and are learning more and more about what real evangelism means. Whenever a visitor shows up for Sunday worship, the church leaders follow up with them for a weekly Bible study.
Please pray for strength for this faithful congregation.
- Jeremy & Whitney Davis

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