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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baptisms at Tundula

Sunday we visited Tundula and met with the church there. During the Bible Study, a young man taught about the importance of following Jesus. Many of the youth said that they wanted to follow Jesus. We taught about baptism and explained how someone gives their lives to God and becomes a follower of Jesus.

Many of the youth responded that they were serious about their commitment and wanted to be baptized. There were 7 girls from about 12 to 16 years and 1 young man in his 20s.

There was no river nearby, so we decided to take the car down about 5 miles to the nearest river. It took two trips to get everybody there.

Once we were there, we read 1 Peter 3:21 and explained again that baptism was a serious commitment and that each person should be promising themselves to God.

Benny Kachimpu who is one of the leaders at Tundula did the baptisms. His daughter was one of the girls who responded.

Benny with some of the youth of the congregation.

 A young man who was just baptized.

 One of the girls being baptized.

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